HUYCUSTOMS x Off White Adidas Yeezy 350, Would You Rock Em?

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Galaxy themed sneakers were once the most prevalent customs in the sneaker market. They were obviously inspired by the Nike All Star galactic collection. To this day I think the Galaxy KD 4 and the Lebron 9 Galaxy were the best out of the entire pack. But most folks were fascinated with the galaxy foamposite which indeed was very striking. Nearly every customizer took his/her shot at the galaxy theme; then came the paranorman foamposite and just like its predecessors, many artists tried to create their own replicated version of the paranormans. Footwear News made a bold claim a few weeks ago saying that,

Virgil Abloh Nabs Coveted Shoe of the Year Award

Istill think this is debatable and if you want to see my argument about it, check the post below.

Off- White Air Jordan 1 Most Coveted Shoe Of The Year, Based On What?

The whole Virgin Abloh Off white infatuation is still corny to me. I just can’t comprehend how putting randon phrases on a shoe makes it unique. But who am I? The shoe has certainly caused many folks to drool and the amount of customs it engendered testify to it. Yesterday my good friend Chris sent me pictures of the HUYCUSTOMS x Off White Adidas Yeezy 350, and my initial reaction to it was- man this is some corny stuff. But one must appreciate good work, and I have to give a lot of props to the artist who did this. I still think it lacks in originality but the attention to details is to be admired. The shoe looks as if they came from Adidas , if you don’t believe me check the pictures below. And I was told by Chris that there are only 10 of these available and he happened to be one of the owners. Check the pictures below and let me know what you think about these HUYCUSTOMS x Off White Adidas Yeezy 350.

According to the artist,

Base shoes used are 100% authentic Yeezy boost 350 v2 Cream

Shoes are hand painted.

For more info on it contact

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